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Impressions of Home

Christmas Broom Angel

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Christmas Broom Angel
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Christmas Broom Angel
Facing Left, Pink Pointsettia print, golden hair

In the same design as my Country Broom Dolls, these Christmas Broom Angels are made from the bottom portion of a craft straw broom.  Each angel  is dressed in  Christmas printed cotton fabric  with an array of ribbons and bows.   Lovely lace borders the hem. A faceless muslin and curly hair head is adorned with a heavenly halo. Your Christmas Broom Angel appears to be in silent prayer or choose one playing a trumpet. Also available are my front facing faceless Angels.  Each Christmas Broom Angel measures approximately 17" tall x 13" wide.



Example of Right Facing
Dark Green Fabric Print
Brown Hair


Example of Left Facing
White/Silver Print
White Hair


Example of Front Facing
Blue candy cane print
Golden yellow hair

Impressions of Home
Dover, DE  19901