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Country Broom Dolls

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Country Broom Dolls
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Calico Country Broom Doll
Hang one in the Bathroom or the Bedroom

Great for decorating the home, can be place in any room and on any door - Outside doors should be protected by screen/storm door or porch. Each Calico Broom Dolls is made from the bottom portion of a craft  straw broom. Each doll is topped with a straw hat. The doll may carry a basket of flowers or hold a bouquet of flowers or a hanging purse. Lovely lace borders the hem and provides a collar. Ribbon provides a waistline with a bow at the back while the ribbon gently streams down the back of the dress. 

  • Each Calico Broom doll Measures Approx. 17" tall by 13" wide
  • All Dresses are 100% Calico fabric, Print varies on each dress
  • Each Calico Broom Doll is individually handmade, Please allow 7-10 days for pocessing

When Ordering  Please

1.  Select one dress color: Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple or Yellow

2.  When you look at your doll, which should she be facing:  Left or Right

Calico Country Broom Doll

Left Facing Red Calico Broom Doll

Right Facing Blue Calico Broom Doll

$22.00 each (price includes shipping)


Imppressions of Home
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